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Scars and acne scars

Scars are formed when the skin heals the damage (wounds) made by injuries. The scars will be more visible if the healing process lasts longer. Dermatology defines scars as fibrous tissue that replaces normal structure due to an injury or illness.

The scar cannot be completely removed, however, it can be substantially reduced and made aesthetically pleasing. To get the best possible result, the scars should be treated as soon as possible, immediately after they appear.

Acne scars often have a negative impact on self-esteem and a large number of people wishes for them to be gone. There is a large number of treatments that can improve the state of the skin and the scars.

Acne scars can be clinically differentiated depending on the intensity and the depth of the inflammatory process that the skin was exposed to. The time period of the skin exposure to the inflammatory process is an important factor as well.

Protocols that we apply can dramatically soften the acne scars. If the scars are fresh, the results will be much better.

All of the treatments we apply stimulate collagen production, tightens the existing collagen in the tissue and rehabilitates the surface of the skin, after which the scars become smaller and shallower.

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