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Acne scars laser treatment

Acne scars often lower confidence and a lot of people wants to get rid of them. Today, there are a lot of treatments that can improve the condition of the skin and scars.

Dermatology defines scars as fibrous tissue that replaces the normal skin structure due to an injury or sickness.

Acne scars clinically differ depending on the intensity and depth of the inflammatory process that the skin was exposed to, and the duration of that exposure.

Lasers can greatly alleviate the acne scaring. If the scars are fresh, the results are better.

All laser treatments stimulate collagen production, tighten the existing collagen in the tissue and regenerate skin surface, after which the scars become smaller and shallower.

3 – 5 treatments in a time span of 4 – 6 weeks is needed.

Examination is conducted before the treatment, the area that’s being treated is being photographed, we do a Visioface digital face analysis and we estimate the state of your skin. Based on that, we form a individual plan and protocol of the treatment we are going to use. Signing the form declaring that you have been informed about the chosen laser procedure is required.


Check out the photo gallery BEFORE AND AFTER our treatments


Are results guaranteed?

Most of the treatments that we apply cause a controlled tissue damage to which the skin reacts by healing the wound, increasing the production of elastin and collagen.

Different organisms have different ways of healing as a response to an injury. Some of them will produce more elastin and collagen than others. This is why is extremely difficult to foresee accurate results of every treatment. Most of our patients have great results after these treatments.

Treatments we apply for treating acne scars are Clearlift laser, DYE-VL photorejuvenation, Pixel RF, growth factor Biorevitalisation and Photodynamic therapy.

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