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Acoustic Waves

Solving the cellulite problem is a whole program that besides the right diet, drinking fluids and physical activity, requires a professional approach. Acoustic wave therapy represents an innovative method for solving this issue, as well as treating stretch marks and scars.

Acoustic waves are used in medicine with great success. Since 1980, it has been used for breaking kidney stones, and since 1990 for treating orthopedic conditions. Through extensive research and medically confirmed clinical trials, acoustic waves started being used in aesthetic medicine as well. Newest discoveries lead to the development of Shockwave or Acoustic wave device used for battling cellulite.

Shockwave therapy for battling cellulite

Acoustic wave therapy uses kinetic energy, that is transposed into a high pressured acoustic wave used for treating two biggest causes of cellulite. This is done by using a special technology. The acoustic wave affect the fibrosis of the connective tissue around which fatty deposits form, as well as breaking the fat into the lower layers of the skin. By strong vibrations that are formed in the tissue, Acoustic therapy leads to relaxing and partial breaking of firm connective compartments, which releases fats, water and toxins.

Greatest value of acoustic waves reflects in increased blood flow through the treated area and producing new chains of collagen, that form a new, quality elastic connective tissue. Because of that, the skin becomes more firm, smoother and tightened. In 90% of the cases the increase in the elasticity of the skin lasts up to three months after the treatment.


We recommend Shockwave therapy for all healthy clients, at any age, regardless of the cellulite stage. The best results in treating cellulite are achieved in women without overweight problem.

All the areas that can be affected by cellulite can be treated: stomach, hips, thighs, behind, knees and forearms.


During the preparation period, we exam the areas on the body with cellulite and assess the amount of potential treatments needed.


Acoustic wave treatment lasts for about 30 minutes, it is completely painless and provides a feeling of a relaxing massage. For long – term results, 6 – 10 treatments are needed. Visible improvements are seen after 3 or 4 treatments. The effects of the treatment last longer than 6 months. Cellulite can be kept in check by doing this procedure two or three times a year.

Ideally, Acoustic wave treatment should be combined with lipolysis or body mesotherapy.


No recovery time is needed after the Shockwave treatment and you can go back to your daily routine immediately.

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