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Laser hyperpigmentation removal

Hyperpigmentation occurs due to melanin build up in certain places of the skin, especially the face. Aging causes changes in distribution of produced melanin that provides the color to our skin. If there is a build up in one area, sun SPOTS and STAINS occur. In some situations, the pigment is concentrated on one large surface, which causes MELASMA.

The most common causes of hyperpigmentation are:

  • Too much Sun exposure
  • Pregnancy, contraceptives, hormonal treatment
  • Acne and other skin inflammatory treatments

Hyperpigmentation in the superficial layer of the skin, that occurred post inflammatory process is easier to treat, because as the superficial skin layer regenerates, the pigment fades. With time, young skin with completely evened out color appears, without pigment changes (for example dark stains after acne).

We have been doing the removing hyperpigmentation procedure for many years, and what we have learned is that there is no universal solution. Between various chemical peelings and lasers, we decide to use the laser treatment. One of those treatments is on of the most modern HARMONY LASER treatment.


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Examination is conducted before the treatment, the area that’s being treated is being photographed, we do a Visioface digital face analysis and we estimate the state of your skin. Based on that, we form a individual plan and protocol of the treatment we are going to use.

Signing the form declaring that you have been informed about the chosen laser procedure is required.


HARMONY LASER treatment is conducted by using laser that aim specifically at places where melanin is piled up, below the skin surface. We can solve the issue completely if we choose the most suitable technology based on the type of the hyperpigmentation:

Dye-VL AFT technology for superficial hyperpigmentation

Q-switched NdYag nanosecond technology with photoacoustic effect for superficial and deep hyperpigmentation, that is used for removing dark colored tattoos.

KTP laser, that is used for removing red and lighter tattoo colors.

During the treatment, the superficial part of the skin stays intact and there is no tissue damage. Melanin absorbs the laser energy, which makes the hyperpigmentation instantly darker. In the following 7 days, the pigment that dissolved into particles is removed, the treated pigment area fades or completely disappears. Besides removing the pigment, laser stimulates the skin to increase its production of collagen and elastin, resilience and ensures long term results. Rejuvenated skin will look young and have a young skin function, which makes the protection from forming new spots easier.


There is no recovery needed after the treatment. Mild redness that disappears soon may occur if the skin is sensitive.

The treatment is repeated after 3 weeks for removing the remaining pigment. The number of treatments is individual. In most cases, 3 – 4 treatments are needed every 3 weeks.

Laser removal of hyperpigmentation is not recommended during summer months. Area that has been treated must not be sun bathed minimum 4 weeks before and 2 weeks after the treatment. If you have to be exposed to Sun, use creams with SPF of 25 or 30.

Along with the Harmony treatment we apply Genosys dermacosmetic protocol of control and distribution of melanin. By using home care prescribed by this program, that includes a specific protection from Sun rays, we ensure a long term results effect and prevention from forming new hyperpigmentations.

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