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Treating hyperhidrosis using Botox

Botox in the treatment of hyperhidrosis

Excessive sweating is uncomfortable and very unpleasant from an aesthetic point of view. The problem is not the usual excessive sweating that occurs regardless of the season, temperature or other weather conditions. By secreting a normal amount of sweat, our body gets rid of harmful mater and regulates body temperature. However, excessive sweating is not good for the health of your organism.


Candidates can be both men and women of any age that have this issue. Considering that this is a medical issue, there is a solution for it in a form of Botox therapy against sweating.

It is important to stress out that Botox therapy against sweating does not treat hyperhidrosis, but it only eliminates excess sweating in the following 6 months. After a few months, gradual return of the symptoms may be expected. It is possible to conduct the treatment again. It’s enough to undergo this treatment twice a year for most people.


Botox anti-sweating therapy does not require any preparation. We prepare the region that will be treated before the procedure.


Botox terapija protiv znojenja počinje nanošenjem anestetičke kreme na željenu regiju. Nakon što krema ispolji svoje dejstvo, područje pazuha se steriliše.

Botox anti-sweating therapy begins with applying anesthetic cream to the area being treated. After the cream affects the area, the armpit area is sterilized.

Armpit that has been prepared in this way is ready for the anti-sweat Botox therapy. Botox is being applied by around 10 stings from each side of the armpit. Stings are conducted with a small insulin needle, so the product can be evenly distributed. The Botox dosage for treating both armpits is around 100 i.j.

The effect that Botox causes is that simultaneously blocks the conductivity of nerve chemical signals on the stimulation of sweating glands. It is effective in cases of hyperhidrosis (excess sweating) with most patients.
The treatment lasts for about one hour, after which you can go back to your daily activities.


No cosmetic products should be used after the treatment.

Experience that we had so far has shown that there are no side affects if the Botox anti-sweating therapy is conducted twice a year.

It may be repeated after 6 – 9 months.

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