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Biorevitalization Genosys

Korean medical brand Genosys has developed world renowned products and various protocols that are used for achieving the process of BIOREVITALIZATION. By doing so we are increasing collagen synthesis and elastin, as well as improving the general state and health of the skin. It’s formed into special protocols of biorevitalization of the face skin, areas around the eyes, neck, neckline, body and hair.

Genosys Dermafix is used In the treatment. This is a medical device with sterile extensions and hexagon needles made from surgical steel. They are 0.5-2mm in length.

Microneedling causes micro injuries on the skin, which instigate a cascade of processes in the skin all with purpose of self-healing and self-regeneration, that later on stimulates the fibroblast and higher collagen production and elastin in the skin, as well as improved blood flow.

By this kind of circulation stimulation, by using different kinds of stimulators, growth factors, peptides and herbal extracts, adjusted hyaluron, the effect are drastically increased. Basic agent in the Genosys biorevitalization treatment is a patented peptide almost identical to the GROWTH FACTOR, isolated from plants, that is a part of a natural skin regeneration process by producing NEW fibroblasts In the skin. It speeds up the healing of injuries, increases collagen and elastin synthesis, and restores the capillary grid.


Biorevitalization is used for:

  • Relaxed skin treatment (face, neck, neckline)
  • Enlarged pores, greasy skin, acne treatment
  • Scars treatment (caused by acne, pox, and all other types of scarring, except for keloids)
  • Fine wrinkles and lines on the face treatment (around the eyes and lips, on the forehead, cheeks, neck an neckline)


Examination is conducted before the treatment, the area that’s being treated is being photographed, we do a Visioface digital face analysis and we estimate the state of your skin. Based on that, we form a individual plan and protocol of the treatment, as well as cocktails that will be used in the process.

Signing the form declaring that you have been informed about the Genosys procedure is required


Anesthetic cream is applied to the face, so the treatment can be comfortable and painless. The procedure of embedding the chosen cocktail using microneedles lasts for about 30 minutes, after which a special Peptide Gel Mask is applied along with the photodynamic therapy that lasts for 30 minutes.

Four treatments are needed in the time span of 4-6 weeks. First results in a form of refreshed, shinier, tightened and clearer skin are visible after a few day, and complete results in a form of collagen synthesis are noticeable in a few months. Refreshment treatments are done once or twice a year, and combining with other procedures is possible.


Recovery time is short, redness disappears within 24 hours. Daily usage of a cream with sun protection (Genosys MSC SPF40++) in the following week. Applying make up is not recommended the after the procedure and the following day.

In between the biorevitalzation treatment or if you wish to additionally refresh your face skin, you can try our KOREAN BEAUTY PROTOCOLS.

You may continue to use Genosys home care products on a daily basis, so the biorevitalization effect would be complete.

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