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Laser epilation

Medical method for permanent hair removal

Laser epilation is conducted by using a laser beam that a probe directs towards the skin. Thanks to a pigment called melanin, that is found the hair follicle, the laser beam is absorbed and turned into heat, which leads to hair destruction. During this procedure the skin stays intact due to the unique cooling system integrated into the device.


As darker and thicker the hair is, it will generate more heat when it comes in contact with the laser beam, which will make the epilation more efficient. Laser hair removal has the best result with people with lighter tan and dark hair. It’s worth mentioning that people with white and ginger hair can’t be treated by using this method, due to the fact that this hair type doesn’t contain pigment, which is a basis for destroying the hair.

Expertise and the doctor’s experience are utmost important for a safe and successful treatment, as well as the quality of the device this procedure is being done with. In Sculpturelle we use the most advanced medical laser for permanent epilation in the world, made by Soprano Ice, Alma Lasers. Thanks to the advantages of this device, treating largest regions on the body doesn’t last longer than 60 minutes.

Why do we need to repeat the treatments?

Our body hair doesn’t grow simultaneously and they are growing in phases – stagnant phase and growth phase. You can find 70 – 90 % hair growing at same time, while the rest are stagnating. Considering the fact that the laser beam can remove the hair only if it is in the growth phase, the first treatment can destroy only a certain hair percentage. This is a reason why there is a break between the treatments, so the rest of the hair can grow and prepare for the next laser treatment.


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Laser epilation will be the most efficient if you have a lighter tan and dark hair, which are ideal conditions for using our diode laser, the gold standard of laser epilation. Great success can be achieved in removing darker and lighter hair thanks to the new, alexandrite laser.

Additionally, laser treatment represents a golden standard when it comes to treating folliculitis (ingrown hair) and scars caused by folliculitis. This way we permanently remove the hair and regenerate the skin.

Regions that can be laser treated are body and face areas (except around the eyes). Most common treatments are laser armpit epilation, bikini zone laser epilation, legs laser epilation.


When you decide to undergo laser epilation, you will have detailed consult. You will be acquainted with the preparation and the treatment protocol. We will be familiarized with your medical history, photograph the area that will be treated and open your medical chart.

Advice you should follow so you can be prepared for the laser epilation are as follows:

  • Do not go to any waxing treatments, use an electric epilator or pluck your hair with tweezers 4 weeks before the treatment
  • You can shave or remove your hair with a cream, no later than 24 h before the treatment
  • Do not use any products that irritate the skin and that are photosensitive (retinol, AHA acids)


We apply hydrogel on the area that is going to be treated, after which the probe comes in contact with the skin. Laser emits beams of energy as individual or combined impulses, in SHR Super Hair Removal mode. Received energy is transferred from the hair to the root, where the heat is being generated. Temperature that is being reached will be enough for destroying the root of the existing hair, but also it will glue together blood vessels that feed the hair. Stem cells of the hair that should be making new hair will be destroyed as well.

Thanks to the unique cooling system that the Soprano Ice device has, the treatment is almost completely painless.

The duration of the treatment depends on the size of the region that is being treated. It can last a couple of minutes for a face epilation, or up to 30 minutes for larger areas such as back or legs epilation.

The number of treatments that is recommended for an effective permanent hair removal Is individual, depending on the type of the hair. For most regions, it usually takes 4 – 6 treatments for permanent removal. A large break of 6 – 8 weeks is needed before the treatments.


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