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NIR skin tightening treatment

The face is the first thing that we see on others and more of than not it is a representation of health and the amount of attention we give it. Healthy and nurtured skin is a precondition of beauty and giving it a proper treatment is worth it. One of the non-invasive methods that can help your face to get a fresher and well rested appearance is NIR (Near Infra Red) face skin tightening treatment.

Treatment is based on a biostimulative effect of the light beam which is 700 – 2500nm long from a spectrum close to infrared. This wave length easily goes through the surface of the skin without harming it, and heats up the deeper layers and subdermal tissue.


Collagen fibers in the skin are immediately tightened up as a result of the heating, which makes the skin more firm and tighter. Long-term effect of this procedure that stretches through the series of 4-6 treatments is fibroblast stimulation which reflects in a higher levels of collagen and elastin production, much more compared to the ones that have been worn out in the aging process. By stimulating collagen and improving vascularization the skin becomes brighter and younger looking.

The effect is visible immediately after the treatment. The face loses the excess of fluids, the skin is smooth and brighter, and the lifting effect is easily noticeable. This is why this treatment is known as Cindarella Lift, because we are, as Cindarella, quickly ready and rejuvenated for an important event.


NIR lifting is completely safe and non-invasive, therefore there are no limitations. It is suitable for all ages and it can be done throughout the year.

This treatment is enough for preserving beauty and tone of the skin until you are 30 years old. Afterwards it is combined with Clearlift laser, mesotherapy and biorevitalization for maximum effect.


Examination is conducted before the treatment, the area that’s being treated is being photographed, we do a Visioface digital face analysis and we estimate the state of your skin. Based on that, we form a individual plan and protocol of the treatment, as well as parameters of the energy that will be used in the treatment.

Signing the form declaring that you have been informed about the NIR procedure is required.

Considering the fact that NIR lifting uses wave length generated from the Sunlight spectrum, whether your skin was exposed to the Sun is irrelevant


When done by an experienced therapist, this treatment feels like a pleasant massage. The protocol includes the face, neck and neckline and lasts for 25 – 30 minutes.

Depending on the general state of the skin, 3 – 6 treatments in the time span of 14 days are needed. Refreshment treatments are done once a month.


There are no unwanted effect after the treatment and you can go back to your daily activities.

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