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COLIBRI eyelids lift or non-surgical blepharoplasty

Plasma technology is, due to the results achieved with a non-invasive procedure, becoming more and more applicable procedure in cosmetic clinics in the world.

The plasma technology we have chosen for non-surgical eyelid tightening is the Colibri Pixel Rf Microplasma. We recommend it for improving the skin with mild to medium lengthening of the eyelids and tightening the skin and reducing the wrinkles of the eye region in general.

The results achieved with mycoplasma treatments can, in the long run, delay surgery, which, until recently, had been the only solution to excess skin and eyelid relaxation, with a safe outcome and minimal skin recovery time

How Colibri Pixel RF Microplasma functions?

Colibri Pixel RF ™ is an FDA approved method and treatment that utilizes MICROPLAZMU ™ as energy, known as the fourth energy state, generated from air particles between radio frequency sources and skin. The resulting plasma spark is the main agent that instantly tightens the skin and stimulates it in the long-term repair of the overall quality of the treated region.

The main difference with similar systems is that the Colibri Pixel RF ™, in addition to the surface layer, which is damaged and promotes regeneration, exerts thermal energy on the deeper layers of the skin. The effect that is achieved is a complete restoration of the outer surface of the skin, but also a strong stimulation of the production of new collagen in the deeper layers of the skin. As collagen is an essential ingredient that makes the skin firm and tight, we get a rejuvenation of the eye region with a completely preserved natural appearance, utilizing the natural potential of the body.


Colibri Pixel Rf non-surgical blepharoplasty is recommended to anyone looking to improve the upper lid skin state, or eye region in general in a non-surgical way.

It’s recommended for treating mild and medium lengthening of the eyelids and moderate wrinkles in the eye region.

It can safely be done on all phototypes of skin, regardless of age and sex.


An examination is performed before the treatment, the planned area is photographed, Visioface digital face analysis is done and an assessment of the skin condition is being done. Based on the analysis, the individual plan is developed as well as the treatment protocol, parametres – the strength and depth of energy that will be used in the treatment.

Also, the Pixel RF information procedure sheets need to be signed.


COLIBRI Pixel RF ™ treatment is done with the pre-application of anesthetics in the form of a cream, which makes the treatment less uncomfortable. The Colibri applicator is applied on the surface of the skin, with a tingling sensation feeling and a gradual build-up of heat.

Most clients describe the treatment as tolerable, minimally uncomfortable, with short-term redness and tightening of the skin after sunbathing.

The total duration of treatment is – 30 minutes for the anesthetic to start working and 30 minutes for the treatment.

Pixel RF ™ treatment, apart from the eye region, can be applied to the entire face simultaneously. Also, regions of the neck, décolletage and hands can be further treated for skin restoration.

Depending on the initial skin condition, the number of treatments needed will be recommended. For maximum effect, a series of 3 – 4 treatments every 4 weeks is usually done.


Skin after the treatment is moderately red, with signs of tightening and no visible signs of skin damage. After a few hours the redness and tightening of the skin diminishes, and the skin of the eyelids becomes swollen, the size and duration of the swelling are individual, depending on the tendency to swell. The swelling can linger for several days and does not refrain you from daily activities. Certain skin care recommendations need to be followed. The skin becomes dry to the touch, with tiny dandruff over the next few days, so a complete recovery of the skin after this treatment is in 5-7 days. Daily activities can be resumed within few hours with the use of a special toned recovery-enhancing cream with a high sun protection factor

When a maximum effect is achieved through a series of treatments, there is a need for adequate home care. Our choice is dermocosmetics recommended by the best dermatologists and plastic surgeons in the world. As accredited and trained therapist we will choose the right anti-age care for you.

By applying antioxidant serums and stem cell and growth factor preparations, as well as using creams with high chemical and physical protection factors, skin aging, caused by external influences, can be kept under control.

This treatment can be combined with Clearlift 4D laser rejuvenation treatment, Biorevitalization and other treatments. If proper care advice is followed, one treatment per year will be enough to restore the skin surface, continuously stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen and keep skin aging under control.


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