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ClearLift laser facelift

There are many reasons for our skin to become older, many of which are completely natural and inevitable. Considering the fact that skin of the face is the most exposed to external factors, the results of the time itself are the most recognizible on it. Getting older causes a decrease in production of collagen, key protein that gives us young, firm and glowing skin, which leads to appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and bags under our eyes, the face loses its volume, and the elasticity of the skin decreases. These changes to our skin are recognized as first, noticeble signs of aging and it is time to think about treatments, first and foremost the ones that enable new collagen to be made.

ClearLift™ Laser 4D, commonly referred to as Hollywood Lunchtime Facelift, can significantly improve the appearance of skin and reduce the signs of aging. It improves the tan, stimulates the skin to be more firm, healthier and more resistant because it stimulates producing and remodeling of collagen. Besides the skin of the face and neck, the results are the most noticeable on the skin of your hands, as it is the one that most often reveals your age.


Laser skin renewal

How does ClearLift™ produce collagen

Clearlift™ laser is an FDA approved laser that uses strong Q.switched technology, with fractional – split laser beam. Compared to other fractional lasers, Clearlift™ is non-ablative – no peeling of the skin, and no recovery time of the skin after the treatment is done.

Laser beam, fractioned in this way can reach different depths of the skin, depending of the need. It can go from superficial to deep, causing micro injuries.

As a response to these micro injuries, skin produces new collagen that will heal them, which is a natural biological process. New collagen makes the new skin look young, with the end result being natural looking rejuvinated skin by using natural potentials of our organism. This laser forms a photoacoustic effect, that breaks down the pigment from the stains and capillaries, so the skin gets its colour and the fresh look it once had.

Clerlift™ laser is a part of Harmony XL Pro platform by Alma Lasers, find out more about the technology on and


Clearlift™ laser skin rejuvenation is recommended for everyone who wants to bring back the youthful appearance of their skin without any pain, needles and surgical interventions. It safe to use on all photypes of skin, for any age and gender.

Clearlift treatments are used for:

  • Strengthening the skin
  • Removing small wrinkles
  • Decreasing redness of the face
  • Narrowing the pores
  • Whitening hyperpigmentation

Clearlift treatment can’t be conducted in cases of people who have tanned skin, active infection and active herpes, vitiligo, proneness towards producing keloids, are under Roaccutan treatment (or any other photosensitive medication), as well as during pregnancy or breastfeeding.


Examination is conducted before the treatment, the area that’s being treated is being photographed, we do a Visioface digital face analysis and we estimate the state of your skin. Based on that, we form a individual plan and protocol of the treatment, as well as parameters, volume and depth of laser energy that will be used in the treatment. Signing the form declaring that you have been informed about the Clearlift laser procedure is required.


Clearlift treatment is completely painless. Most clients describe the feeling they feel during the treatment as mild tingling, at the moment they feel the lasers’s impulse. Duration of the treatment is around 20-30 minutes.

Laser rejuvenation skin treatments are most commonly performed on the face, but they can be applied to specific areas with issues. Additional areas that can be treated are neck, neckline and hands.

Depending on the general state of your skin, we will recommend you the number of treatments needed. I order to reach the maximum effect, we usually do a series consisting of 3-6 treatments every 2-4 weeks, if the Clearlift is the only procedure that is being done. In cases where this treatment is combined with others such as Pixel RF, Accent Prime, NIR or injection treatments (Mesotherapy, Biorevitalization, PRP, Dermal Fillers, Botox), this series of treatments is not necessary.


Following the treatment, skin becomes lighter an shiny. You can go back to your daily activities without any redness or time needed to recover. You would just need to apply a high factor sun cream.

The need for appropriate home care becomes needed at the point of reaching maximum results after the series of treatments. Our choice is dermocosmetics recommended by the best dermatologists and plastic surgeons in the world. We will choose the perfect anti-aging care for you, as licensed and trained therapists that we are. By applying antioxidant serums, stem cells and growth factor products, as well using creams with high chemical i physical protection factors, we can keep the skin aging process in check.

If you follow our advice regarding care, 1-2 annual treatments will be enough to continuously stimulate fibroblast to produce collagen, and prevent and control forming of aging spots.

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