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Electrotherapy represents the use of numerous modalities of electrical current that are produced using modern electronic devices for therapeutical purposes. Electrotherapy expands blood vessels, enhances blood circulation and tissue nutrition. In this way it reduces the inflammatory process and helps remove the factors that lead to pain.

Successful treatment of painful conditions using electrical energy


Diadynamic currents are low-frequency direct impulse currents invented by physicist Pierre Bernard and are called Bernaros currents.


Galvanic current is a one-way constant current that does not change its direction and strength. It causes hyperemia in the skin and deeper tissues and reduces pain. It is used as stable galvanization or electrophoresis.


Interferent currents occur when two alternating currents are of different mean frequencies of administration through tissue to one another. At the point of their crossing, a new low frequency current of 1-100 Hz is generated.


These are direct currents that are characterized by a gradual increase in intensity.


Electrotherapy is mostly used in treating:

  • Sports injuries
  • Arthrosis and arthritis
  • Joint sprains
  • Injuries of ligaments and muscles
  • Nerve problems
  • Pain in the lumbar and neck of the spine
  • Painful shoulder and elbow

Electrotherapy cannot be used in the event of open injuries, inflammation, bleeding, decompensation of the heart, presence of metal foreign bodies, acute conditions, inflammation, febrile states, infections.


After the examination has been done, doctor determines a type of electrotherapy or a combination of electrotherapy that will be applied.


A physiotherapist places the therapeutic electrodes on painful and injured places. During the procedure, the patient feels pleasant sensations, but not anxiety and pain.

After several treatments improvement can be seen in reduction of pain and swelling.