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Balancer Pro lymphdrainage

Balancer Pro lymphdrainage, commonly known as Pressotherapy is a type of a therapeutic process which stimulates vein and lymph circulation, contributes to a better regeneration, detox and removing excess fluids. For achieving these results, Ballancer Pro uses pressure in chamber of a specially designed suit.

Lymph drainage

Lymph drainage is a procedure that instigates the tissue to release any excess of fluids – lymph. Why does this naturally regulated process need this kind of encouraging? The answer to this question is that the lymph flows from the tissue in a direction opposite from the gravity, which in cases of long sitting or standing, even in a healthy organism, makes this process more difficult. By applying soft pressure starting from your feet, up the leg towards the stomach, we help that slowed down process of removing the excess fluids, that waits in the tissue for lymph vessels to be slightly opened, so it can flow into them and in that way leave the tissue.


Why is it important to do a timely lymph drainage?

Lymph is a fluid that is a main cleaner of the organism, because all of the wasteful products of our metabolism, toxins, bacteria, everything that is unnecessary for the cells and tissue, gets disposed into the lymph. The goal of the lymph system is to dispose of all that tissue waste to a place where it will process and eliminate all those products from the organism. On the contrary, piling up of hazardous mater in the places where the fluid is trapped is imminent, which leads to tissue damage. New problem that occurs is delivering new needed ingredients, because blood that carries them, can’t flow into the filled tissue and deliver them. In that way, the defense function of the organism is compromised, immune system weakened, proneness to chronic disease increases because the healing process is slowed down. Various allergies, inflammatory processes, cellulite, respiratory issues, muscle tension have been connected to the slowed down lymph flow and toxin elimination.

We are applying the lymph drainage treatment since 2002, and we have recently implemented a new device called BALLANCER PRO – the most modern system of medical lymph drainage that is used by the most prestigious clinics and aesthetic centers in the world. It is manufactured by a company called Mego Afek, that is a maker of the devices for lymph drainage and is an expert devoted to compression therapy.


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Ballancer pro lymph drainage is recommended in following cases:

  • Bad peripheral circulation
  • Swollen legs
  • In cases of retaining excess fluids and harmful metabolism products
  • Enlarged veins
  • Sports injuries
  • Cellulite
  • If you have to stand for long periods of time due to the nature of your work

This treatment is not recommended for pregnant women or people with heart issues.


Ballancer Pro lymph drainage is conducted by following one of many predefined programs. Which program is going to be ideal for you, depends on the issues you have, condition of your blood vessels and blood pressure that is measured by the doctor during the exam.


Ballancer Pro lymph drainage is a relaxing and a pleasant treatment. The patient is put in a special suit that is filled with air up to the determined pressure measure. Lymph drainage is controlled by special sensor that this device has, which makes this protocol safe.

Pressotherapy gives a sense of relief in your legs after just one treatment. Given the fact the excess fluids and toxins are removed, the size of the legs is visibly smaller. Mechanical lymph drainage instigates oxygen flow and delivers nutrient substances into the tissue and in that way helps the healing process.

Lymph drainage lasts around 45 minutes. The number of treatments depends on the state of your organism. For excellent results we recommend 10 treatments conducted every 2-3 days.

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