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Dermapen microneedle treatment is very efficient non-surgical method for reducing wrinkles and scars. It was invented with a purpose of skin rejuvenation in a natural way relying on the natural skin potential to regenerate itself after an injury. Dermapen therapy causes the skin to regenerate and increase collagen production, which makes it fresh and rejuvenated.


Stimulating collagen production

Dermapen is an electric pen with a lot of needles on top, that make micro injuries on the skin in strictly defined conditions, under doctor’s supervision.

Micro damage to the skin is being done by vertical stings made by the microneedles. This way the wound healing mechanism by collagen proliferation in fibroblasts starts. Thanks to the dermapen therapy, skin is prompted to regenerate by making new cells, the same as it does with any other injury.

Depth to which the microneedles will reach during the treatment depends on the region and the depth of change that is being treated. In cases in which dermapen treatment is used for prevention, for skin stimulation and applying nutrient substances, needles with minimal length are used.

First results can be seen after 3 weeks, considering that collagen fibers and capillaries need time to form. Maturing of the new young skin lasts up to 2 years after the treatment and the end result is a young, tight and healthy skin.


Dermapen therapy is recommended for:

  • Alleviation and reduction of wrinkles
  • Alleviation of different scars (Acne, operation, burns)
  • Rejuvenation and tightening of skin
  • Absorption of vitamins, hyaluron and other active substances
  • Alleviating stretch marks
  • Dermapen therapy is not recommended on areas with open wounds and burns.


Before the treatment mandatory preparation Is needed. We start the procedure with a thorough cleaning of the skin with an appropriate product adjusted to the skin type that is being treated. This is followed by an enzyme peeling that removes the horny layer of the skin so the products can penetrate the subdermal tissue faster and more efficient.

Depending on the skin damage, or the length of the needle to be precise, applying an anesthetic cream that has an effect in 15 – 20 minutes is needed. For shorter microneedles, anesthetic is unnecessary because the treatment is almost painless, and is described by patients as a nice scratch.


The procedure starts with applying the active hyaluronic ampoule that enables hyaluronic acid molecules to penetrate deep into the skin. Microneedles penetrate the skin by applying circular and horizontal movements of the dermapen device which initiate collagen production. After the treatment we apply dermocosmetics that feed and soothe the skin.

Depending on the skin damage as well as for reaching maximum results 10 treatments with a gap of 2 – 4 weeks are needed.


The face will be red and irritated after the treatment, and skin warmer than usual. This is a completely normal skin reaction that will lessen within 1 – 2 hours and it will go back to normal in 24 hours.

To enjoy the results as long as you can you should do the following:

  • Avoid sun exposure
  • Use high SPF creams
  • Do not remove facial hair by waxing for 7 days at least.

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