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Chemical peeling

As the time goes by, the natural skin regeneration process slows down, which can make the skin look tired and dry. In these circumstances, taking necessary precautions is needed so we could remove the old and instigate growth of new skin cells.

Unavoidable treatment for rejuvenation a refreshment of face, hands and neck skin

Hhemical peeling Is procedure for regeneration and improving the skins surface. Namely, by removing the superficial layer of the skin in a controlled manner, we urge collagen remodeling, which improves the texture, appearance of hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles and any kind of skin impurity. As a result we get a younger look, even tan and shiny, tightened skin.

Given the fact that skin improvement progresses gradually, the refreshment is visible, but looks completely natural.

Our team of doctors, certified and educated experts, performs the chemical skin peeling by using products made by world renowned brands.


Based on the depth of skin penetration, chemical peeling can be:

  • Extremely superficial peeling – stratum corneum
  • Superficial peeling – epidermal layer
  • Medium depth peeling – papillary dermis
  • Deep peeling – reticular dermis

The effect of the peeling depends of the depth of the chemical peeling and the number of treatments. Superficial peeling is formulated in a way that it gives superb results with the lowest possible concentration of chosen acids. Program consists of 4-6 treatments in a 2 week span, and the results can be compared to a medium depth peeling.


Preparation includes skin exam and detailed medical history, based on which we determine your individual protocol and the type of chemical peeling.


After choosing the type of peeling, we conduct the procedure. We apply the peeling on the thoroughly cleaned skin. It affects the skin from 2 to 5 minutes, depending on the type of the peeling and skin quality. Procedure itself is painless, but a mild to medium tingling sensation might be felt. After the procedure we apply a calming serum, followed by a cream for skin recovery, as well as a cream with a high sun protection factor.


Sun protection of your skin is mandatory until the next treatment, as well as in the following 4 weeks after finishing the series of treatments. Do not apply any invasive procedures and keep your skin hydrated.

Time of recovery depends on the depth of the peeling. Recovery time after a superficial peeling is shorter, and the patient can proceed with their daily activities, which makes this procedure very popular.

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