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Mesotherapy was invented in 1952 in France, when doctor Michel Pistor thought of a method with an idea to reduce pain. After the publication of his work, mesotherapy was used in pain therapy, sports injuries and degenerative diseases for more than half of a century. Nowadays, mesotherapy is more applied in aesthetic medicine and it is one of the ways for skin toning and rejuvenation.

Bring back the tone, glow and elasticity to your skin

Mesotherapy is a method in which substances are applied to the upper layers of the skin, by using a needle, all in purpose of skin regeneration. The choice of revitalizing components depends of the state of the skin. The base of the treatment is usually hyaluronic acid, as well as amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals. Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide that is a part of the skin. Young skin has a lot of hyaluronic acid that is lost over time, which is one of the reasons that aging symptoms and wrinkles appear in the first place.


When the hyaluronic acid is applied to the skin, its first task is to bind water, causing the skin to hydrate, and collagen to regenerate. Same goes for amino acids, vitamins minerals in the skin. By inserting them we refill the skin with the amount of substances it has lost, without changing its composition, due to the fact that there aren’t enough of them to keep the skin young.

The goal of mesotherapy is to instigate the fibroblasts to a higher collagen and elastin production and by applying these substance.

This brings the tone, glow and elasticity back to the skin.


We recommend mesotherapy as preventive method against skin aging, after the age of 30. It’s ideal for dry skin, because I provides adequate hydration and prevents premature aging to which dry skin Is prone to. It is very efficient for mature skin, with a purpose of rejuvenation and removing signs of aging skin (wrinkles, enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation).

Mesotherapy can’t be performed to people with autoimmune diseases, infective diseases, pregnant women and woman who breastfeed.


We thoroughly analyze the condition of the skin before the treatment and determine the product we will apply. Products we use are the ones made by acknowledged manufacturers. Aesthetic Dermal RRS i Revitacare are intended for a safe biorevitalization of the skin. Different formulas enable treatment of different states and problems and lead to regeneration of the skin structure.


During the treatment, we use the thinnest mesoneedle for superficial and deep sting, and that way we inject mesotherpeutic compounds following a strict protocol. Discomfort is minimum, and only at the most sensitive parts of the face. Procedure itself doesn’t require an anesthesia, but we use anesthetic creams quite often, especially with people who have lower pain tolerance.

The number of treatments is determined by an individual protocol, depending on the state of the skin and the type of products we use. Usually it takes 3 – 4 protocols in one cycle, once every month. Refreshment treatments can be done once every few months.

Mesotherapy can be combined with other methods, radiowaves and laser treatments.


Mild redness or a mild swelling may appear after the treatment. In most cases you can go back to your daily activities instantly. There is a possibility of a slight swelling, that goes away the next day, but that happens very rarely. At rare occasions, allergic reactions occur. After the mesotherapy treatment, sunbathing is not recommended.

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