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Triactive cellulite laser treatment

Unique treatment for treating cellulite

Aesthetical ideal of a modern woman contributed to constant development when it comes to approaches to solving issues with cellulite. Triactive laser dermatology is a result of new technology based on simultaneous laser effect, vacuum massage and cooling. The goal of this treatment is systematic improvement of circulation and lymph drainage, which removes cellulite build ups. This is one of the best programs for treating cellulite, especially for younger people.


The 6 laser diodes wave length of 808nm and accumulated force of 6W stimulate circulation, produces new blood vessels. Has an anti-inflammatory effect, removes toxins and stimulates elastic and collagen fiber synthesis.


Vacuum massage increases circulation and lymph drainage, reshapes fatty deposits, removes harmful material, improves tone and skin elasticity, enables lifting and quickly reduces the look of orange peel.


Localized cooling skin system, with the 18 degrees temperature reduces painful sensitivity and removes excess fluids in the tissues, which reduces the leg swelling. Revitalized skin effect, in which the skin is soft, firmer and more tightened, is visible after the first treatment. Shaping the body with a lifting effect, bottom lifting and stomach tightening, is especially visible after losing weight or giving birth. The skin is rejuvenated with a clear difference of treated and untreated areas. The swelling is decreased and eliminated, and provides a feeling of ease in the legs.


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Triactive laser is designed for cellulite removal and tightening the skin of the body, especially after giving birth or weight loss. The method proved to be efficient for lymph and vein circulation issues and with a feeling of weight in your legs.


Preparation includes the exam of area with issues and determining an individual protocol for accomplishing the best results.


Triactive laser treatment provides a feeling of a pleasant and relaxing massage. There are two protocols. One is for the behind, hips and legs, and the other one for the stomach and back. These protocols are combined if needed, including am treatment, regardless of the body type. The treatment lasts around 35 -45 minutes, depending on the size of the region that is being treated.

For the cellulite treatment, an average of 2-3 treatments 2 -3 times a week are needed. After the results are achieved, follow up treatments are done once a month.

This treatment is ideal in combination with Accent Prime treatment, because they complement each other and enable maximum effect for treating cellulite, fatty deposits and skin tightening.


There are no adverse reactions to the treatment.

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