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Treatments for decreasing face and body fatty deposits

Accent Prime provides us with a completely painless medical treatment of reshaping specific parts of face and body. Reducing overall size is reached by using this method is long term, due to lowering the number of fat cells in the treated region.

Accent Prime is a state-of-the-art medical device, approved by the FDA. It’s used for removal of fat deposits, skin tightening, treating cellulite, removing stretch marks as well as removing scars and skin restoration.

Accent Prime is a unique platform that can achieve all of this because it combines:

  1. Selective ULTRASOUND

Each end every one of these technologies has been patented by Alma Lasers company, one of the top 5 laser manufacturers in the world. This type of energy, is used in many devices. They have improved it to the point where it has a significant impact and effect on the organism. Exactly the kind of effect that are dictated by physics.


ULTRASOUND that is used in Accent Prime is designed for lipolysis and decreasing the size of the body parts being treated. It can be used on the face, double chin, arms, stomach, behind, thighs and knees.

What makes it unique? Accent Prime produces two types of ultrasound, one standard, focused WARM ultrasound, that can OPEN GREASSY CELLS using high heat and in that way lipolysis is conducted. The other type is, patented COLD ultrasound, that by vibrating, leads to breaking of fatty cells and gradual release of stored fats. The doctor uses a combination of warm and cold ultrasound while forming a protocol of the treatment that will give the best results for the patient.

RADIOFREQUENCY in the Accent Prime device is designed for skin tightening. This is a patent of the Alma Lasers company, unique UNIPOLAR technology. Reaching the temperature by using this method is not done by electricity flowing between two or more electrodes, as it would be with other monopolar, bipolar or multipolar radio waves on the market. Unipolar technology is based on transferring the high energy directly to the tissue, that is being used as a second electrode, which leads to a rotation of water molecules. Rotating water molecules cause friction, that produces strong and effective heat. Unipolar technology enables heating of the tissue on different depths, by applying different system settings. Precisely controlled depth that we can choose, enables the doctor to choose and control which depth to heat up for reaching the best possible results for certain issues or certain body areas. Accent prime uniqueness reflect in production of radiofrequency on the highest maximum energy on the market, which decreases the time needed for reaching the needed temperature.

More about Accent Prime technology you can find out on

How does Accent prime reshape your body?

Body contouring includes lipolysis and SIZE DECREASING, by treating body parts with issues. Body contouring is achieved by using the ULTRASOUND, in charge of eliminating excess fats and RADIOFREQUENCY, in charge of fat metabolism and skin tightening. At the same time a process of mechanical massage is being applied using a rotating ring, which stimulates lymph drainage and speeding up circulation in the tissue that is being treated. Combined technology significantly decreases the number of needed treatments, and the most powerful technology combined into an Accent Prime device significantly lowers the time needed for the treatment.

Treatment lasts for around 45 minutes for the stomach or around 60 minutes for your thighs or behind. Treatment of smaller areas, such as knees or arms lasts around 20 minutes. Skin tightening is performed by using RADIOFREQUENCY, heating up the skin to a certain temperature, leaving the surface of the skin unharmed. Strong fibroblast induction occurs in the deeper layers, which leads to forming new collagen and elastin, while the existing collagen is being remodeled and strengthened. Besides improving the current state of skin, her tone and tiny wrinkles, the fact that it makes the skin stronger and more resistant to aging is even more important.

Cellulite is an issue that occurs due to fat cells enlargement, disturbed circulation and fluids stoppage. ACCENT PRIME anti cellulite protocol represents a combination of ULTRASOUND, that lowers the amount of fatty tissue, RADIOFREQUENCY, that speeds up fat metabolism and MECHANICAL MASSAGE which stimulates lymph drainage, which brings inevitable success in treating cellulite.


After consulting the doctor about expectations and possibilities, as well as having an insight into the general health state, we do a standardized measuring and photographing the area that is going to be treatment. This procedure has to be done so that we can follow the results.


The treatment feels like a pleasant, intensive heating and tissue massage. The parameters are set depending on the heat tolerance of each individual, the amount of energy needed stays the same, but the time of the treatment can be prolonged in cases where the heat tolerance is lower. The effects are still going to be there, but the treatment itself is going to last a few minutes longer.

This treatment doesn’t require recovery time, so you can go back to your regular activities immediately. Because of that it is very popular in the world as it can be done during a lunch break.

The number of needed is individual, depending of the starting point and the areas of the body that need to be treated. One large area can be done during the treatment. Another area can be treated few days later. The reason for that is a large amount of water that you would need to drink after one treatments, so that the lymph system could metabolize the melted fat. One smaller region can be treated the same day (hands or double chin for example).

Patients that are not to undergo this procedure are people with metal implants in their tissue, people with pacemakers, history of malignant condition, high blood pressure and specific systemic and autoimmune diseases, thrombophlebitis, as well as skin infection or usage of isotretinoin in the past 6 months.

This treatment is not applied during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Treatments are repeated every 14 days until you get the result you wanted.

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