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PRP plasmolifting

Blood plasma contains biologically active protein that stimulate and speed up tissue regeneration. When an injury occurs, our body sends proteins to the injured area and stimulate the healing process that helps with damaged tissue regeneration.

The same principle can be applied to the skin. By embedding biologically active plasma protein, the same way as with the injury, fibroblasts will produce new collage and slowly release nutrient ingredients into the skin.

The skin will be regenerated from the inside, slowing down the aging process and improving aging changes already present.


PRP - Rejuvenation by using your plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma is a part of blood plasma rich in thrombocyte, growth factor and stem cells. Exactly those elements of blood are responsible for healing of the wounds after an injury. Bringing them into the skin by mesotherapy we start the production of new collagen, therefore we can expect long – term skin regeneration by using substances from our skin.

Growth factor extracted from our blood is an ideal formula for rejuvenation and curing the skin.

Except in aesthetic, PRP treatment is used in dermatology and stomatology for stimulating wound healing, sports medicine and orthopedics, for cartilage regeneration as well as speeding up the treatment of soft tissue injuries.


PRP – Rejuvenation by using your plasma is recommended for:

  • Rejuvenating face, neck, neckline skin
  • Reducing wrinkles
  • Bringing back firmness to skin
  • Improving the look of the area around the eyes
  • Improving the condition of acne scars
  • Rejuvenating hand skin

PRP – Rejuvenation by using your plasma is not recommended for:

  • Women during pregnancy of breastfeeding
  • In cases of thrombocyte function and number disorder
  • In cases of hemodynamic instability
  • In cases of acute and chronic infectious diseases
  • In cases of autoimmune and malignant diseases


During the treatment we use original sets for plasma preparation,that are registered with the Serbian drug Agency, and approved by European health commission.

Before the treatment a blood sample is taken. Blood is drawn by a standard procedure, into a sterile test tube from the original set, which is prepared in a way that blood can’t come into contact with air.

The next step is centrifuging the blood following an established protocol so the needed plasma with thrombocytes and growth factors extracted from white and red blood cells, which we will not use. Centrifuging lasts for around 12 minutes. During that time the preparation of face, neck, neckline and hands skin is being done before applying the treatment. The face is thoroughly cleaned and an anesthetic cream is applied so the treatment is more comfortable.


Beforehand prepared plasma is collected from the test tube via syringe and is applied under the skin by using intradermal injections and a mesotherapeutic protocol.  In cases in which the skin is extremely relaxed, the treatment is combined with the dermapen collagen induction therapy. In cases in which the face had already lost a part of its subdermal fat tissue, appears tired and has visible wrinkles, we choose a product called Cellular matrix that combines plasma with hyaluronic acid. Find out more about Cellular matrix product by visiting this page.

For a complete and long –term effect, PRP is recommended to be repeated after one month, and after 3 months. If aging signs are very visible on the skin, we would repeat the treatment after 6 and 12 months as well. The procedure can be additionally conducted once every 12-24 months for achieving the best possible outcome.


Most patients can go back to their daily activities immediately after the treatment. Immediately after the procedure some redness and swelling may appear, due to the amount of plasma that was applied to the skin. After a few days, when the swelling goes down and the skin absorbs the fluid, the face will look the same as it did before the treatment.

It takes time for the stimulated fibroblasts to produce new collagen and elastin. We recommend radio wave lifting treatment, 8 days after the PRP treatment. Fibroblast stimulation for producing collagen will be higher that way.

It usually takes around 4 weeks to see the results – skin looks fresh and healthier, wrinkles decrease, and the skin tone improve.

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