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Relaxed skin

Our skin ages due to a lot of reasons, many of which are completely natural and inevitable. Since the skin face is the part of our body most exposed to external effects, the traces of aging are most visible on it. With aging, the production of collagen is reducing, which is the key protein of young, tight and shiny skin. This is the main cause of fine lines – later wrinkles and darks circles around the eyes, the face loses its volume, while the skin elasticity is decreased.

Furthermore, due to the reduction of subdermal fat tissue in certain places of the face, ligament loosening, decreased muscle tonus, and skull bone resorption, skin becomes a size or more larger than the present facial structure.

These skin changes are seen as beginning, visible signs of agins,and it’s time to start thinking about treatments, mainly those that can provide new collagen production, such as:

After the procedures are done, if needed, the insufficiency of skin volume is achieved through hyaluronic fillers. You can read about this in hyaluronic filler and 8 point facelift pages.