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Cellulite is one the worst enemies of women. It occurs at a young age, and almost every woman has it. The reasons for cellulite appearing, besides genetics, are a general way of life, diet and not enough physical activity. Using hormonal contraceptive products makes the cellulite issue worse. Cellulite is more than just an aesthetical issue. It is a chronic degenerative inflammatory disease that causes imbalance of metabolism, circulation, lymph drainage as well as damage to the connective tissue. Over time, cellulite spreads and it does not disappear on its own. The more visible it is, more time it will take to remove it.

How does an Orange peel appearance occur?

The reason for cellulite appearing are fluids being retained in the tissue, that leads to toxin and fat accumulation in the subdermal tissue fat cells.
Considering the elasticity of a membrane surrounding the fat cells, fat and water accumulation increases their size. Fat cells are gathered in chambers that are separated by elastic connective tissue. When the there is too much fat in the fat cells, the connective tissue becomes stiff, shortened and losses it’s elasticity. The surface of the skin is pulled down which causes indentations. At the same time, swollen clusters of fat cells pop up in between and push up the skin upwards. The skin suffers damage due to bad microcirculation in the subdermal tissue, becomes thinner and forms the ORANGE PEEL appearance.

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Cellulite treatment

There are a lot of methods and treatments for cellulite removal and it can be difficult to choose one. The biggest mistake that can be made when dealing with cellulite issues is applying the same method or treatment for all types and regions of cellulite. Most of women are often disappointed with the lack of results. The only way to solve the cellulite issue is to be addressed individually. First step that needs to be taken is a medical checkup, after which the decision regarding the type of treatment is made.

Treatments and methods have to be based individually depending of the needs of the patient. The type, shape, location and phase of cellulite need to be known before the treatment. The next step is determining factors of risk for developing cellulite, genetic predisposition, age, issues with circulation and general way of life of the patient.

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