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RDT endermology

Relaxing cellulite removal method

Endermology or vacuum massage is based on a deep massage designed to enhance circulation, stimulate lymphatic drainage, better nutrition and tissue oxygenation. Thanks to endermology, the formation of fat deposits and detoxification results in degradation of the fat cells and strengthening of the tone and elasticity of the skin.

The result is tightened skin without cellulite.


Any person who has a problem with cellulite and excess fluid in the body, a suitable candidate for vacuum massage is suitable. If you recognize one of the following items, we recommend you endermology:

  • Cellulite
  • Relaxed backside
  • Relaxed stomach (after weight loss or childbirth)
  • Legs that are swollen
  • Relaxed skin


When it comes to endermology, there is no special preparation needed. It is important to note that a vacuum massage can be performed exclusively by a skilled person. At the consultation, we will determine the exact number of treatments that are needed to remove cellulite.


Endermology is a completely painless, pleasant and relaxing procedure. You will enjoy in every moment of this treatment.

Depending on the need, endermology can be applied partially or on the entire body. The number of treatments that are recommended is from 10 to 15, and it is possible to apply three treatments within one week. After the results are achieved, “maintenance” treatment  is recommended once a month.

Endermology provides a sense of ease in legs due to the reduction of the swelling. This effective massage rejuvenates and tightens the skin, especially after pregnancy.

We recommend endermology in combination with the following treatments, as this way you can achieve exceptional results in treating cellulite, fatty deposits and relaxed skin:


After this relaxing treatment you can continue with normal daily activities immediately.

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