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Stretch marks

Stretchmarks are a type of scar tissue that occur after sudden stretching of the skin, when the skin’s elasticity isn’t equipped for that kind of change on its surface. That leads to collagen and elastin burst. Stretch marks occur as a response to them healing. This process usually follows a sudden growth durin puberty, sudden weight gain/loss and in the last few months of pregnancy.

In the beginning, stretch marks are pink or red, later they become brown, and with time they fade and become white strips that feel thicker than the skin around it.

Stretch marks usually cause confidence issues and most of people wants to get rid of them. Today, there are a lot of treatments that can improve the state of the skin and stretch marks. Laser can greatly improve and alleviate stretch marks and tighten the skin. If the stretch marks are fresh, the results are much better.

All laser treatments have an effect that leads to collagen production, tightening already existing collagen in the tissue, regenerate the surface of the skin, after which the stretch marks become less visible and thinner.

Most of the treatments that we apply cause a controlled tissue damage to which the skin reacts by healing the wound, increasing the production of elastin and collagen.

Treatment results depend of potential of the organism itself. Different organisms have different ways of healing as a response to an injury. Some of them will produce more elastin and collagen than others. This is why is extremelly difficult to foresee accurate results of every treatment. Most of our patients have great results after these treatments.

Treatments we apply for treating stretch marks are Clearlift laser, Dye-VL photorejuvenation, Pixel RF, growth factor Biorevitalisation.