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Permanent hair removal – Laser epilation

If you wish to permanently remove hair from your face and body, the treatment you are looking for is a medical method of permanent hair removal called Laser epilation. The reason for undergoing the Laser epilation treatment can be a desire to have smooth skin, even in cases in which the patient doesn’t have an issue of increased pilosity. If the issue of excessive pilosity is found on a women’s face or body, it is usually due to changes to soft skin caused by hormones that determine its quality. It is not always due to sex hormones, since there are other hormones that have an effect on the quality of the skin. The success of a permanent laser epilation is reflected in curing the primary cause of pilosity.

That is why we consider that only doctors that are experienced in laser therapy should be the ones conducting this treatment.

Laser epilation functions by using a principle of a laser beam directed towards the skin by a probe. Thanks to a pigment called melanin that is found in the hair follicle the laser beam is absorbed and turned into heat that causes eradication of the hair. The skin stays intact during the procedure due to a special cooling system integrated into the instrument itself.

You can find everything you need to know about laser hair removal on the page called Laser epilation.


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