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Ingrown hair and inflamed root of the hair can impair the skin’s health and appearance. The issue of ingrown hair and folliculitis is quite persistent, unpleasant and has a negative impact on ones self-esteem. Laser epilation is a solution that can permanently and easily solve the issues of ingrown hair and folliculitis.

Folliculitis is a inflammatory process on the root of the hair. It happens to both men and women. It is most often caused by a bacterial infection (Staphylococcus aureus) or by fungus. Folliculitis can be superficial or deep, and is manifested on the skin in a form of pimples that are spreading. If folliculitis isn’t treated in time, it can lead to ulcers that can be a major issue. The only place on the body that can’t have this issue are hands and soles because they don’t have hair.

Ingrown hair is an issue that occurs when the hair bends backwards before it reaches the surface, grows into the skin and causes an inflammation.

You can find everything you need to know about laser hair removal on the page called Laser treatment of inflamed hair roots

Laser folliculitis removal and ingrown hair deals not only with the health issue, but the aesthetic one as well. The laser affect and removes scars caused by ingrown hair and the hair itself, and the skin regenerates and becomes smooth.


A gallery containing photos of results achieved can be found here