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Enlarged pores

Pores are canals of sebaceous glands, small openings that enable sebum to reach the surface of the skin. Face pores can be enlarged due to any number of reasons: as a consequence of increased sebaceous glands secretion in cases of greasy skin (sebum piles up and enlarges the pores), due to a large amount of dead cells on the surface of the skin, genetics, or as a result of popping the pimples. The enlarged pores becomes more visible as a person grows older and the skin loses its elasticity.

Treatments that can reduce enlarged pores are adequate home therapy that regulates sebum secretion and removes the excess of dead cells off the skin surface. The procedures that we use are as follows: Photodynamic therapy, Micro-needling treatment, Pixel RF – fractioned skin regeneration, Clearlift Laser.


A gallery containing photos of results achieved can be found here