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Dry skin

Dry skin can be hereditary, when the skin does not produce enough sebum and cannot regulate the necessary level of moisture, or it can develop due to poor care habits and external factors.

Level of dryness can be distinguished from milk, dehydrated skin, uncomfortable tightening feeling, to very sensitive, irritated skin which is rasping, tight and cracked skin.

Measure that must be taken to decrease the dryness of the skin is sufficient water intake, avoiding chemical products that can irritate the skin, adequate skin care with dermatological products which compensate the weakened hydrolipid skin barrier, which a special emphasis on external factors protection, especially solar radiation, coldness and wind.

Dry skin agest much faster than normal and oily skin. Thus, wrinkles can appear earlier than the skin physiology implies. That can be prevented with specialized esthetic procedures.These specialized esthetic procedures can hydrate skin to a higher degree than moisturizing creams, out of which the highest percentage of active ingredients remain on the surface of the skin. The results are achieved by medical care treatments, mesotherapy, biorevitalization, PRP treatment, VOLITE hyaluronic treatment. A sufficient and longer hydration is achieved with these treatments, which again allows normal function, better quality and elasticity of the skin.