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Double chin

An expressed double chin is usually genetically conditioned. It is formed by accumulating subdermal fat tissue and sagginess of the skin of the face. The face loses its fine contours, the clear indication of the jaw bone, which visually draws the boundary between the face and the neck, is lost. As we age, these changes become more pronounced, so facial shaping treatments are often applied.

We consider facial shaping treatments to be a key procedure in the battle against aging. For facial shaping treatments we use the unique Accent Prime treatment, which combines selective ultrasound and a powerful frequency. Facial shaping is achieved by applying ultrasound, which is in charge of fat metabolism and skin tightening. Simultaneously, another massage treatment with a rotating ring is being done, which additionally stimulates lymphatic drainage and accelerates circulation in treated tissue.

Skin tightening is achieved by radiofrequency, that is, heating the skin to a certain temperature, leaving the skin surface intact. A strong induction of fibroblasts occurs in deep layers of the skin, promoting the production of new collagen and elastin, while existing collagen is remodeled and strengthened. In addition to improving the skin’s current state, skin tonus and fine wrinkles, it is an even greater advantage in strengthening the skin and increasing its resistance to future aging.

Hyaluronic fillers applied for contouring the face can significantly reduce the visibility of the underbrush.