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Wrinkles are an integral part of the face and are caused by skin aging and external factors. With age, the production of collagen and elastin is decreased in the body, the existing collagen and elastic fibers become relaxed, depots of hyaluronic acid that provide skin with moisture becomes used, and external factors (stress, smoking, exposure of sun) become higher. These factors, combined with everyday repetitiveness of facial expressions, gives face more or less visible wrinkles.

As with everything, the prevention of wrinkles produces the greatest results. The ideal time to start wrinkle treatment is after the age of 25, when the biological balance moves in the direction of aging, as a preventative in the onset, correction and prevention of deepening of already existing wrinkles.

Our goal is not a porcelain-like face with no mimics, but a healthy and nurtured skin that will stay long and vital for a longer period of time. Optimal results are achieved combining different procedures: mesotherapy, biorevitalization, PRP treatment of rejuvenation using the client’s plasma, biological care treatment, botox, hyaluronic fillers, Clearlift lasers, NIR lasers, Accent Prime.