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Redness and capillaries

The amount of redness that is visible on the skin of the face depends of genetics and adverse effects of exterior factors. Due to these changes the skin becomes irritated, dry, often followed with a burning sensation over time. Enlarged capillaries are a common aesthetical problem that can be easily removed by Laser removal.

Cuperosis is a skin condition that is connected to oversensitivity and its main characteristics are redness, dryness and sensitivity. Redness is a consequence of enlarged blood vessels that expand due to lack of elasticity when the blood surges into the skin, but they do not go back to their previous state and get rid of excess blood, as healthy skin would.

Regardless of it being a consequence of cuperosis or rosacea, redness of the skin can be decreased by undergoing certain laser treatments.

The way of treatment is individually determined based on the needs of the patient. The basic protocol is as follows:

  1. Laser therapy – Photodynamic therapy and ClearVein laser protocol can bring better function and appearance to your skin
  2. Intensive hydratation of the skin by using specially selected derma-cosmetic home care product
  3. Everyday sun protection by using an adequate sunscreen products with a high level of UVA-UVB protection


A gallery containing photos of results achieved can be found here