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Hand skin aging is a result of a natural aging process, same as other body parts, but a daily exposure to harmful ultraviolet sun rays and other external factors as well. Changes that occur lead to pigment alterations, wrinkles, reduced subdermal fat tissue, losing elasticity and saggy skin.

There is a number of procedures which we can use to improve the condition of hand skin, depending of the changes it experienced.

Changes in color and texture of the skin, including sun or age spots, can be noticed after age 30. Depending on the skin condition, we will choose a laser treatment that will dissolve existing hyperpigmentation. A special kind of chemical peeling and a system that controls the production of pigment can be our choice in removing this aging sign as well.

Wrinkles and saggy skin are other task we need to complete. Aging lowers production of collagen and elastin, two proteins responsible for the freshness and firmness of the skin. As for the face, different options for skin hydration are provided by amino acids and growth hormone as elements for producing protein, are a first step towards improving skin function. Treatments used to achieve this are mesotherapy, biorevitalization, PRP therapy and VOLITE hyaluronic therapy. Skin that has been hydrated and stimulated in this way will respond better to laser rejuvenation, which is a key point of every hand rejuvenation treatment. We are talking about ClearLift laser treatment that affects the skin on 5 different depths, produces collagen, removes wrinkles and makes the skin smooth and fresh.

Losing subdermal fat tissue makes your hands look dry and bony. The only way to solve this problem is to make up for the tissue that has been lost. Clearlift treatment is our first choice for this as well, after which we can conduct an amendment using hyaluronic fillers.

The best results are reached after making an individual plan, or a combination of procedures that will give long term results in a short period of time.