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Eye lids

Eye lid skin is the softest and ages the fastest. Aging is making the skin thinner, stretched and leads to excess skin that can be pinched with fingers. With time, skin becomes saggier which disables normal sight function due to inability of the eye lid to be fully opened under the weight of the skin.

In cases of mild or medium sagginess, the method used for the treatment is NONSURGICAL BLEPHAROPLASTY that is performed with Alma Colibri Mycroplasma. Eye lids skin becomes thinner and stretches in the same way skin does on any other body part. This causes excess skin that can be pinched with fingers. This state of the art technology achieves fantastic results when it comes to skin tightening with a guaranteed result and minimal skin recovery time, which makes it one of our favorite procedures.

Results achieved through mycroplasma treatments can postpone surgery on the long run, which was up until recently the only solution for excess skin and eye lid sagginess issue.


A gallery containing photos of results achieved can be found here