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Specialist practice
for Aesthetic medicinePhysical therapy


Specialist practice for aesthetic medicine, physical therapy and rehabilitation

State of the art health institution that has a team of educated and certified experts who apply unique programs of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology. We are equipped with cutting edge modern medical devices made by acknowledged manufacturers, as well as the most prestigious clinics in the world, that are licensed and approved by the USA and EU.

Our services include non-surgical facelift, laser treatments, treatments for improving different skin conditions as well as shaping of the body. Natural look preservation is the priority in our work. The procedures are always carried out under the supervision of our doctors, in strictly regulated sanitary and hygienic conditions that provide complete comfort, privacy and discretion.

Face treatments

Improving facial tone, re-shaping looks, higher firmness and elasticity of the skin

Body treatments

Body skin tightening, reduction of fat deposits, reduction of cellulite

Laser Center

With medical lasers of the latest generation to desired results

Physical therapy and rehabilitation

Contemporary physical procedures under the supervision of a specialist doctor


with preserved NATURAL look


NATURAL potentials of your skin



“Due to the lymphatic edema, which has been troubling me for years, I turned to the “Sculpturelle “. After presotherapy, I felt more mobile and “easier”.

I am also satisfied with the results of anti-age treatment of the face. Everyone notices that the “condition” of my face does not correspond to my age!

Ivana Nedović
Ivana Nedović
Actress of the National Theater, Niš

“After two c-sections births, thanks to the Accent Prime and Microplasma Pixel RF treatments, I quickly returned to form.

Excellent results!

Nađa Nedović Tekinder
Nađa Nedović Tekinder
Actress of the National Theater, Niš

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