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Microdermoabrasion Ecleris

Skin peeling is a treatment in which old and dead cells are removed from the superficial skin layer. Due to a normal physiological process in which cells are replace every day, peeling treatment is an important part of personal hygiene. By eliminating the layer of dead cells, we prevent them from piling up on the surface, enabling the skin to breath, and by doing so we make the absorption of dermacosmetics on it, much easier.

Skin faceting using diamond crystals

None-surgical methods for keeping the skin physiologically young are more and more used in aesthetic medicine. One of the more innovating methods that is commonly performed in the world is microdermoabrasion.

Microdermoabrasion represents the ideal peeling, skin faceting using diamond crystals to be precise. Vacuum massage is being performed simultaneously by using a probe, which contributes to a better cleaning of the skin of the face, but also to improving circulation and lymph drainage. By soft and controlled removal of the superficial layer, the skin is stimulated to produce new collage, which leads to tone regeneration and improved skin texture. Microderoabrasion is used as an introductory procedure in all device powered face treatments, if the indications allow it.


Microdermoabrasion is applicable and successful with all types of skin, especially with:

  • Greasy skin
  • Problematic skin with enlarged pores
  • Skin prone to acne

By applying Microdermoabrasion we reduce enlarged pores, conduct hyperpigmentation correction, as well as fine wrinkles and superficial scars correction.

Microdermoabrasion is not recommended for:

  • People with skin conditions, atopic dermatitis, neuro dermatitis, psoriasis
  • Vitamin a derivatives treatment
  • Open wounds and open burn wounds


Preparation is started by examining the facial skin, after which we approach basic cleansing and toning, according to the skin type we treat.


The treatment is painless, pleasant, and lasts for about 30 minutes. Mechanical removal of the supperficial, dead layer of the skin is done by diamond crystals of different granulation, depending on the type of skin is being treated and what depth of abrasion we want to achieve. By removing the superficial layer of the skin we instigate production of new, young cells. With each following treatment we reach a new layer of regenerated skin.

The results are visible after the first treatment, the skin is velvety, with noticeably improved tan and freshness. For reaching maximum effect, we usually conduct 4 – 6 treatments in the duration of one week. It is enough to do one monthly treatment afterwards.

The microdermoabrasion is conducted with Ecleris MiniVac medical device.


Post microdermoabrasion care is very important. Young skin has to be treated gently because it is going through recovery in the next 7 days. Sun protection and good hydration are the most important during this period.